Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day Zero Project
100 things in 1001 days

Finsh line: Friday, June 15, 2012

In Progress

Personal / Misc

1. Bench 200 lbs 6 times
2. Read a book
3. get my teeth whitened
4. Buy a Nissan 350 Z
5. Get a new computer
6. Backsplash for the kitchen
7. Shelves for the laundry room
8. Find an awesome travel mug
9. See 3 friends I haven’t seen in years (2/3)
10. Equip my car with an emergency kit
11. Buy new shoes (dress and street) (2/2)
12. Tred water for 5 mins
13. Swim 1 lap without stopping
14. Cook dinner for my GF
15. Go fishing at 6AM
16. Run in the rain naked
17. Say yes when I rather say no 10 times (9/10)
18. "Unplug" from Computer, TV and Cell phone for 1 day
19. go to bed before 10pm every day for a week (weekdays!)
20. Make a funny t-shirt
21. Eat an entire meal with chopsticks
22. have a 3sum
23. 2 strippers at the same time
24. Finish 1 suduko
25. Buy a good change jar
26. Frame art from DR
27. Get reusable grocery bags
28. Create and bury a time capsule
29. Ski an entire run backwards
30. grind a bar / ride a box
31. See a real life Monkey
32. Take lunch to work for a week

A Healthier Me

33. Loose 2 inches of the belt
34. Make a veggie garden
35. Eat two fruit and two vegetables daily for a month
36. No take out for a week (includes lunches)
37. Run 10K
38. Vegetarian for at least one day
39. Stop smoking (completely)


40. Learn how to play 3 new songs on the guitar (2/3)
41. Learn how to say thank you in 10 different languages (3/10)
42. Golf lessons
43. Learn how to flare


44. Save $5,000
45. Put a loonie in a jar a day for 1001 days.
46. Ask for and get a raise
47. start an RRSP through work
48. Sell old stuff on used Ottawa make $500


49. Take 2 vacations 1/2
50. Go hot air ballooning
51. Go to Gatineau hills in the fall
52. Take a road trip – with no planning

For Others

53. Volunteer for whole 1 day
54. Give a bum $20
55. Do something nice for someone I hate
56. Put change in an expired Meter
57. Plant a tree
58. Pay for the person behind me in the Timmies drive through
59. buy/give $10 dollars worth of lotto 6/49 and give to a homeless person
60. Donate clothes I don’t wear
61. Buy a round of drinks for an entire bar/pub


62. Go bungie jumping
63. Make a kite and fly it!
64. Make a boat and float it!
65. Make a parachuter and dropp it!
66. Go to wonderland
67. Eat at six new restaurants (6/6)
68. Enter a big Poker tourney
69. Host a beer sampling party
70. Fly in a helicopter
71. Fly in a plane
72. Go Zip lining again
73. sky dive
74. Go to a comedy show
75. Visit omega park
76. Visit NYC
77. Go See a Jimmy Falon show
78. Golf 1 round under 90
79. Send a message in a bottle (Must be dropped in an Ocean)
80. Go see an IMAX
81. Get hunting liscense
82. Hunt Turkies!
83. Get my Palm Read or visit a psychic
84. Make wine
85. Go Ice Skating
86. Place a $50 bet on a Horse
87. Bet $50 on Black
88. take 26 photos around Ottawa one for each letter of the alphabet (26/26)
89. Play a sport I’ve never played before
90. Buy a handheld GPS
91. Go Geocaching
92. Have a bonfire on a beach and play the guitar
93. Go kayaking
94. get so drunk I cant stand up
95. Go to the art museum – wear f**k art, lets dance shirt!
96. go camping – without a tent
97. Scuba dive
98. Grow a pineapple
99. Find an investment property

List Related

100. Inspire 5 people to create their own lists [5/5]
101. Donate $5.00 to a charity for every item not completed on this list


I Had a great sleep last night and woke up totaly refreshed and ready to take on the day.. Went to Timmies for the daily 2+2 to accompany me on my 45 min ride into work. While drinking my coffee and listening to the radio I heard a story about an Ottawa girl who had made a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days! The list was made of everything from simple tasks to adventures that required lots training and planning. I was instantly motivated, no.. thats not the right word.. compelled!, to create my own "101 list". I am going to take some time and create a killer list and post it on here as well as update the list once said tasks have been completed..

Stay tuned, this should be interesting!